China National Food Industry (Group) Corporation (hereinafter referred as China Food Corporation or CFC) was established in 1983 on the basis of the former China National Food Industry Corporation, by the approval of the former National Commission on Economics and Trade, as a large-scale state-owned enterprise affiliated to China National Light Industry (Group) Corporation.

"People are what matter most to the nation and food is what matters most to the people." The development of China's food industry is of vital relevance to the development of the nation. Since its very establishment, CFC has consistently devoted itself to revitalizing the country’s food industry and, under the leadership and auspices of the government and its departments concerned, to furnishing highly professional investment, trade and consultancy services aimed at the industrialization, modernization and globalization of China's traditional foodstuffs. After more than two decades of efforts, three major business lines have evolved in industrial investment and food processing, trade and logistics as well as consultancy and exhibition & training, making CFC a group corporation with prominent features and influence in China's food industry.


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